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Neue Blood Bowl Starterbox – November 2016

Harzlich willkommen bei den Harz Gamern Foren Tabletop Blood Bowl & Liga Neue Blood Bowl Starterbox – November 2016

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      Beim heutigen Warhammer Fest wurde einiges aus der neuen Starterbox gezeigt.

      Die Modelle und Zubehör sind aus Plastik, das Spielfeld aus Karton, weitere Teams kommen von Forgeworld aus Resin.

      Die Box ist das erste Projekt des Specialist Design Studios, das neben dem Herr der Ringe-Tabletop auch an der Neuauflage von Epic: Adeptus Titanicus und weiteren Spielen arbeitet.

      Reikland Reavers

      Gouged Eyes

      Älterer Teaser

      Artwork des neuen Feldes

      Concept Art



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      Weitere Infos zur neuen Edition

      ShaneTB – DakkaDakka

      I posted a lot of info/photos onTwitter (@35on40k). Will post here once home.

      And I asked about the app: they’re meeting with the digitial team next week to discuss. I passed on the suggestion(s).

      Quick fire memories:

      Six plastic teams; human, orc, dwarf, elf, skaven, nurgle
      Humans and Orcs in core box
      Core box out by end of year
      Three piece snap-fit plastic

      Each team will have its own ball
      There will be an app for it
      Star players will return; some will become coaches as the timeline moves on
      3rd ed was the startinf reference point
      Teams designed to look like sport teams rather than armies dropping weapons to play
      Elf sketchs looked good

      Pitch board is reversable; they’d love to do one for each team
      Model bases had a hole in to place the ball peg
      Optional rules for team balls may happen (drawf is metal ball, skaven warpstone ball may explode/mutate)
      Additional teams may happen in resin (ie dark elves)

      Core game – will be stocked in stores
      Not limited
      If sells well, season 2 to follow
      D16 was there

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      Neue Infos vom Warhammer Fest und den Designern des neuen BB

      Die Grundregeln werden nicht geändert, es kommt zunächst 1 Grundbox (Grundregeln, 2 Teams in Plastik) und 1 Erweiterung (Regeln, 4 Teams in Plastik, Liga- und Starspieler-Regeln)

      Zitat NAF:

      At GW’s Warhammer Fest this weekend, Andy Hoare and James Hewitt were in attendance. Andy is Head of the Specialist Games Division, and James is heading up the development of Blood Bowl. Many people have posted the results of their conversations on social media. Hopefully this is the best summary of various sources, and will be updated as more information is released. We won’t reproduce pictures, but have linked to them at the bottom.

      BB will be released at the latest Q1 2017, though more likely to be 2016.
      The box set will contain orc and human teams (12 player, starter teams) and the core rules, 2 double sided dugouts and one double sided pitch giving both orc and human themes, 2 sets of dice one blue and one green (3x Block, 2x D6, 1x D8 and 1x D16, the designs are which are still being finalised), 4 Star player cards (Griff, Zug, Varag & Morg), team tokens to use for turn, reroll, score etc, throw, scatter and throw in templates and the first part of an eventually complete set of Special Play cards.
      The core rules will be the CRP. There will be no changes. This has been confirmed a great many times.
      League rules will be part of a Death Zone supplement, released on the same day as the box set. The DZ supplement will contain full rosters for 7 teams. This will include 4 more plastic teams: Nurgle, Dwarf, Skaven, and Elf Union (Pro Elf). The others remain a secret for now. It will also contain rules and complete backgrounds for 20 Star Players, a couple of whom are new additions.
      League rules are the same as the CRP, so once again the game remains the game we know and love. However, additional content has been added. Some of this was written by Jervis a few years ago, some is new. The intention is to add more narrative and more fun to leagues, adding new ways to play. This will very much be the theme going forward; to add to league play with variations and options whilst sticking with the core game we know and love.
      There are more supplements planned and more content to come. Supplements will bring in more rosters we recognise from the CRP complete with new models, along with new and old star players, all in resin, until all 21 teams are available, and more.
      Special Play cards will be released in due course, along with Star Player cards, again to give a complete deck.
      The rate at which new supplements is released depends upon sales and being able to fit them into the release schedule alongside AoS and 40k releases.
      There is no reason to expect new teams to follow Cyanide’s past releases. The team have their own plans influenced by their love of the game and the setting.
      Plastic teams will be added to with resin releases to fill out positionals, Big Guys, etc..
      Star Players will be released in Resin.
      Some plastic teams will receive resin conversion kits which will enable players to build famous teams should they wish. These teams may be supported by additional rules in later league supplements.
      The pitch will have 32 mm squares, rather than the current 29mm, but the square count will be the same. The total length will be about 8cm longer than currently. The box will contain a larger range ruler to match the larger squares, made in hard plastic rather than the classic flexible one. The board in the box will be hard cardboard, double sided with 2 different pitches, and folding into 6.
      The miniatures are slightly larger than in previous editions, but we must remember that the previous edition was released in 1994. To give an idea of scale, the humans are about 30mm to the eye level, the same scale as current 40k Guardsmen. Orcs are the same size as current orcs for other ranges, and Black orcs are big, bad ST4 models.
      Bases for the new figures are 32mm, which is a style choice. There is nothing preventing the use of 25mm bases or any size you choose. Size of miniatures is also a style choice.
      The miniatures’ bases will have holes in that the ball can be attached to. There are a lot of balls in the starter set, and balls have their own optional rules based on who they belong to (biting orc squig ball?).
      The setting remains the same. What does that mean? Well, Blood Bowl has always been set in an alternative Warhammer World where football has replaced war. It’s a grim, darkly humorous pastiche of the Warhammer setting and that isn’t changing. More importantly it is being expanded upon by a team of people who have known and loved the Warhammer World for many years. As an example Eldril Sidewinder has had his original background restored, he is a Sea Elf Wardancer turned to football, and his Hypnotic Gaze is a racial ability to mesmerize others that Wood and Sea Elf Wardancers possessed in WFB 3rd edition.
      There will be new pitches, possibly even in neoprene (mouse mat material). The plan is to release racial pitches to tie in with all the teams. Also, there is a hidden Easter Egg present on all pitches which in due course might give a hint to potential new DungeonBowl league rules still in the planning stages.
      The Specialist Brands Studio plans to support the community through supporting gaming and events, be they in stores or elsewhere. Plans are being laid to offer sideline staff as exclusive miniatures at events or for a set period of time, something Forge World already does with its Event Exclusive miniatures.
      No information yet on price points, although the starter set has been kept deliberately light to ensure the price point is much lower than some other recent releases.

      Zitat NAF:

      Core rules deal with just the teams in the starter set; Humans and Orcs.
      Deathzone (a book, not a box) is released on the same day. It contains league rules and rosters for 7 teams plus 20 Stars.
      4 of these are plastic teams (making 6 plastic teams in total): Skaven, Dwarf, Elf, and Nurgle (released separately as single team boxes).
      The rest will be resin. They’re keeping the unnamed ones as a surprise for now along with the names of the Stars. Surprises are nice.
      These are all CRP teams. They aren’t changing the rosters.
      Plastic teams will get resin additions, so a resin troll and stuff. Resin teams, I haven’t actually asked if they’ll be full team boxes or a starting team with boosters.

      Future supplements will contain more CRP rosters and stars. Basically GW doesn’t like printing rules if they don’t first have the models.
      The Specialist Brands studio fully expects us grognards to carry on using the Icepelt edition for rosters, and whatever others we fancy. They aren’t going to come round your house and take your Norse away.
      But for newcomers, well, they get to be excited by new rosters like we once were. And that’s good because for every one of us reading this there is likely to be 10,000 new players who’ve never seen the full list of rosters.

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      Die Starterbox (work in progress)

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      Die Frage ist ja was GW unter Grundregeln versteht 😉

      Die Regeln von GW waren nicht gebalanced und erst als GW ausgestiegen ist wurde das Regelbucg von der Community und ehemaligen GW Mitarbeitern gebalanced.

      Nicht desto trotz würde ich mal nen BB Workshop Tag im Clubheim anbieten wenn Interesse besteht. Da würde ich die Regeln erläutern und es könnten ein paar Partien gespielt werden wärend ich als Hilfe fungiere. Teams, Spielfeld, Würfel kann ich alles stellen. Da muss auch im Vorfeld nichts gekauft werden.

      Wenn sich ein paar melden können wir ja mal einen Termin am WE machen wo möglichst alle/viele können und dann könnte ich euch jungen Blood Bowl spunden zeigen wie man sich am besten und am sinnigsten die Köppe einschlägt. Frei nach dem Motto „Schweineblase? Es gibt eine was? Noch nie auf dem Spielfeld gesehen“ 🙂

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      Melde mich hiermit zum Workshop an 🙂 Ansonsten morgen nachmittag ab 4 schon etwas vor?

      Die Regeln sind die bekannten, das aktuelle Living Rulebook (V6?), was es zuletzt als PDF bei der NAF gab. Es wird noch an Details wie dem Ligasystem gearbeitet. Die Testspiele laufen seit 4 Monaten und werden unter anderem von BB-Turnierspielern (per Einladung) gemacht. James Hewitt, der frühere Community Manager von Mantic, leitet diese Testspiele – wie zuletzt bei Dreadball.

      Dieses Wochenende findet der Bugman’s XXXXXX League Cup in der Warhammer World statt, das komplette Regelwerk ist als kostenloses PDF erhältlich

      PDFs http://warhammerworld.games-workshop.com/the-bugmans-xxxxxx-league-cup/

      Kannst ja mal reinschauen, darauf basiert die neue Version 😉

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      Müsste mir das im Detail anschauen. Das Regelbuch was auch aktuell auf Turnieren gespielt wird ist das CRB (Living Rule Book 7)
      competetive rule book 🙂

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      Ein paar neue Sachen (Testsculpts und Stat Cards) auf dem FW Open Day


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      wieso sieht die neue Schachtel jetzt schon abgegriffen aus am Rand?^^

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      Used Look? 🙂 Nein, diese Sets wurden für Playtest- und Demorunden verwendet. Die Grundboxen werden übrigens gerade zu den Depots verschifft.

      Bild der Grundbox

      Erste Gussrahmenfotos

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      Der Release-Termin ist noch unbekannt. Blood Bowl wird derzeit auch auf der Spiel vorgestellt. Mit im Gepäck das Skaven und Zwergen Team (GW Plastik).

      Ansonsten bleibt alles beim alten. Alternatives Setting (Parodie) zur Warhammer Old World, gleicher Fluff und Regelwerk wie zuletzt, mit ein paar Updates und neuen Liga-Regeln.

      Fotos der zwei neuen Teams


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      Die neue Blood Bowl Webseite mit Videos http://www.bloodbowl.com

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      Morgen, 12. November, geht Blood Bowl in die Vorbestellung. Der Release ist am 26. November.

      Das müssten die Preise sind:

      Starterbox 85 EUR (siehe oben, Orks und Menschen Teams)
      Skaven Team 25 EUR (12 Modelle)
      Skaven Würfel 9 EUR
      Death Zone – Season I 20 EUR

      Zum Release erhalten (fast) alle bisherigen Teams downloadbare, kostenlose Regeln.

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